If you’ve never had a dream, you don’t understand the mindset of someone who does


If you’ve never had a dream, you don’t understand the mindset of someone who does. You ALL know that the previous statement is an undisputable fact. Do YOU have a dream? Is there something that you MUST do? Is there a talent that you really feel you need to nurture? My dream is to be one of the best comedians in the world. It sounds arrogant to some people. But it’s MY dream. Most people are not the best, or among that class known as “The best in the world” at something, so the idea that someone they know wants to be in that class of people is too much to take in.

The first thing that happens? The obfuscation of your dream. “Do you know the odds?” As if odds mater. The reason the odds seem so against you, is the fact that people include the ENTIRE POPULATION into the equation against the small number of people that are where you want to be. Well, guess what? 99.9% of people won’t even try! SO WHY INCLUDE THEM? When you get rid of the people that won’t even try, the people that don’t even have a dream, the people without the talent and the people without the unending drive it takes…the number looks much more reasonable.

Remember, because it’s YOUR dream, other people can’t see it. Only YOU know what you are capable of. Your knowledge of self is essentially the hubble telescope that makes you aware of what’s in your future. Don’t let someone else’s lack of vision make you disbelieve that vision. I sure won’t. Remember my name…. and keep up with your cable bill, it’s only a matter of time before you see me doing a comedy special there.

Go get yours!!!!!!!


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