In Response to Walmart’s Threats to Pull Out of D.C. If Forced to Pay a ‘Living Wage’ Let’s Show Them What We Think by Making August ‘Walmart Free’



Update: The D.C. Council approved the ‘living wage’ bill despite of Walmart’s threats! But seriously, this post is still worth reading, the fight is not over. “Walmart Free August!”

WalMart Free August LogoWhat exactly would need to happen before people actually started boycotting Walmart? Do we need a few Walmart executives to kick down your door, barge in, slap around your wife and kids and take a shit on your floor? Would that be enough? Because, you know, in the grand scheme of things what this company is doing to America/Americans is far worse than even that fucked up scenario.

The bill that has Walmart execs up in arms is this, “The D.C. Council bill would require retailers with corporate sales of $1 billion or more and operating in spaces 75,000 square feet or larger to pay their employees no less than $12.50 an hour. The city’s minimum wage is $8.25.”


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