The “Coming Out” party…




Someone close to me “Came out of the closet”. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to people that don’t have to make a big announcement about who they are, but it is. I’m straight, so I don’t ever have to make a big announcement to my family and friends about that. I’m also a black guy, but my friends and family probably picked up on that awhile ago…I think. Yeah, they know. I think…

This person needed to make everyone aware of this. It must be hell having to hide who you are and who you love. The current climate and the cavalcade of bigots, homophobes, the unenlightened and the political opportunists sure don’t help. A person that I knew, who showed no signs of bigotry before, spewed some really hateful and vicious things about gay people when it became legal for gays to marry. He screamed about how marriage was about to be ruined by gays. I was confused by his passionate defense of marriage, it sure didn’t stop him from putting his married penis in his teenage assistant. I’m pretty sure that infidelity and getting your assistant pregnant, are much greater dangers to marriage that two consenting adults making the decision to spend their lives together…but, that’s just my opinion. I guess I can’t expect logic to come into play, when an agenda against those that are different becomes more important to someone than love for your fellow human being.

With this in mind I must say that I am happy for my friend. Many people of my generation, as well as those younger, (don’t worry old people, there are tons of you that have love for everyone as well, I know, I KNOW), never had that prejudice. We never thought of a person being gay as a bad thing. It just…was. No judgement. Just love. Times are changing, and so are hearts. Hopefully someday, people won’t have to ever be in the closet in the first place. I’m sure that day is coming. Let’s hope it gets here soon.


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