A new world begins with us…


It’s disappointing. I’m talking about the dialogue that the country is now having about race after the Trayvon Martin tragedy. I said “tragedy” and not “murder” for a reason. Oh, make no mistake, I think the kid was murdered, but It’s bigger than that now. Folded into this terrible act is an equally terrible act… the use of a child’s death to further an agenda of hatred.

As a man, a grown man, I find it disgusting to watch “News” anchors slander a dead kid. No one knows what happened but George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, but we do know that the people on these news shows couldn’t care less about Zimmerman and they sure as hell don’t care about Trayvon. So why go out of their way to slam a dead kid? Why devote websites to mock him? Why troll videos and blogs to say vicious racist things? Why? Because a divided, scared, angry and xenophobic population is easier to control. As long as we are stupid enough to hate people based on skin color, religion, finances, height, weight etc… and not how they behave or treat people, we are stuck with a society that highlights hate.

I have many friends of all nationalities, religions, races etc. As corny as it is to say, it’s a blessing that comes with my job (I tell jokes to drunk people around the planet). But here’s the thing… we genuinely love each other. Here’s how we talk to each other….

(I walk into a bar full of my friends, they are having a lively conversation and as I walk in everyone stops and asks me to settle a bet)

“Alright, S. is here, we’ll ask him… S., what do you do to meat after you bring it home and before you cook it?”

“Wash it off.”

(All of the black guys scream “Yeah!” “Told ya! etc)

(My friend Tony, (he’s Italian and yes his name is really Tony) asks…)

“You really wash…meat? (Laughing) S., what’s with black people and meat washing?”

“Tone…you DON’T wash your meat? Now I know why your wife is always pissed at you!”

(Everyone laughs and the night of fun and good natured teasing continued on)

The hatred and vitriol that we see as a result of this case isn’t the way it should or could be. It’s okay to tease your friends about your differences because it doesn’t come from a place of hatred. It doesn’t come from a place of self serving and false superiority. We see children regularly accept people’s differences…until adults who do know better poison their minds.

We are being treated like children by our media. But, we are also acting like children by passively sitting back and allowing them to feed us this hate filled garbage. There are definite problems in society. We have kids with no direction and politicians that are owned by corporations that want it that way. We have gun violence filling every newscast, and no hope in sight. Or is there hope? I think there is, but it starts with you, and me. The good people outnumber the bad, but the bad people are louder…and more active. If we want a better world, we have to change it…one person at a time. Let’s drown out the hate and replace it with love.


S. Anthony Thomas


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